In January 2007 we introduced a lifeltime personal membership subscription of £20.00 and an annual professional and affiliate membership of £50.00. This helps to cover some of the costs of operating BOSPA including maintaining the website, telephone line rental, postage and travel to assist in support group development. Funding for major projects such as provision of patient information literature is funded by grants and corporate donations. Membership is available in three categories:

Personal Membership – for individuals who have had or who are contemplating surgery, or for friends and relatives of patients. As well as being a way of putting something back into BOSPA, membership will also entitle you to a number of privileges including:

  • A free BOSPA post-operative record card to maintain as your personal record of progress to lower weight and improved health
  • Entitlement to participate in BOSPA's proposed annual patient conference
  • Advice and support in setting up groups
  • Advice and support on a personal basis
  • Members and supporters of members are asked to pay £1 when you attend a BOSPA group meeting (£3 for non members and their supporters) to cover the costs of hall hire, handouts etc

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Surgeon Membership – for bariatric surgeons. Membership confers the following benefits:

  • Inclusion in our website directories
  • Provision of patient materials to use in your practice – information leaflets, questionnaires, patient record cards etc
  • Support and assistance in establishing a local patient support group

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Allied Professional Membership - we have expanded our professional directories to include listings of the wider bariatric surgery teams including dietitians, anaesthetists, physicians, specialist nurses, psychologists etc

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Membership fees and donations can now be made via - please follow this links to use this online service: