Look at me - surgery studies

There is nothing quite as inspiring as reading about someone else’s experience with weight loss surgery.

These BOSPA members have quite different stories which we hope you will enjoy reading.

  • Alan is now 12 months post-op from a duodenal switch operation
  • Alison is now enjoying life as a normal weight person after her gastric bypass in November 2004.
  • Carol had been overweight most of her life and like many had lost and gained it over the years
  • Carol D Carol is 44 and lives in Devon. She had a gastric bypass in September 2008.
  • Chrissie can't stop shopping now that she has lost over 6 stone since her gastric bypass in August 2004.
  • Debbie Debbie is not very mobile but has benefitted enormously from a gastric bypass
  • Fay had a gastric band inserted in January 2006 but has been plagued with a MRSA wound infection ever since.
  • Karin Two years on from having a gastric band inserted
  • Kath had a rough first few weeks following her gastric bypass operation but is hopefully on the mend now.
  • Roy In this regularly updated diary, Roy describes his first week post-gastric band insertion in detail which will be a great help for those about to undergo this procedure.
  • Tina got married, had a gastric bypass, and changed job all in April and May 2005.

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