Alan's story


I’m delighted to share my weight loss surgery story with you. In 2004, at 61 years of age I weighed 153 Kg (24st 1lb). I had type 2 diabetes which was starting to severely affect my eyesight, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea and severe back pain. I was continually tired and anxious that I was not going to live for very much longer. In fact, I was in a pretty sorry state.

All these factors contributed to my decision to have a duodenal switch operation, which I underwent on August 31st 2004, together with gall bladder and appendix removal as well for good measure.

In the first few months my weight loss was very rapid but after the operation my diabetes was quickly cured – I had one insulin injection on Day 2, another on Day 6 and none since – miraculous! 12 months on and my rate of weight loss has slowed considerably but I do still lose it in bursts. I now weigh 79kg (12st 6lbs), a loss of 74kg (11st 9lbs) in 12 months. My waist used to measure 60", but I can now wear 38" trousers. My blood pressure has also normalised and my wife is delighted I have stopped snoring! I now have so much energy that I actually go searching for jobs to do around the house and garden and only need only 4-7 hours sleep nightly.


Although I have been the only patient at my local support group who has had a duodenal switch, I am happy to participate in the meetings as I hope that I can inspire more men to face their morbid obesity and have surgery.

The main downside to this operation is smelly wind and poos! Fats, sugar and alcohol give me diarrhoea and if I do not follow a very strict diet, I can go to the loo 4 - 6 times a day. more dieting or counting calories – I just have to take my vitamin/mineral supplements every day to ensure I do not become deficient in anything. I am a very happy man with the outcome of this operation and look forward to a much longer, happier, healthier life.

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