Chrissie's story

Chrissie pre-op

Becoming a Grandma finally spurred me in to talking to my GP about my weight problem. This wonderful little bundle of joy needed me to stick around, but with heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and pills for a bundle of other conditions besides, that was looking increasingly unlikely. Just walking down the street left me breathless and perspiring and walking up a hill was an absolute No-No. Because of my health problems I had regular appointments with my GP but somehow never quite plucked up the courage to talk about how to tackle the problem underlying all my other health issues, that of my weight. At age 55, food had become my friend, it consoled me, supported me, loved me as I was. Numerous times in my life I had tried to combat my weight problem without long term success.

However, I then found out my daughter was pregnant again! Just like the buses, you wait for ages for one and when it comes, there is another following close behind! That did it. I walked in to my doctor’s surgery and blurted out “I want to have my jaw wired!” I didn’t know at the time that there are better surgical options these days but to cut a long story short I eventually had a gastric bypass on 9th October 2004. Prior to the operation I weighed 117kg (18 st 5lbs) which for my tiny frame of 4ft 11ins, gave me a BMI of 52. I did not tell many people I was having surgery – I wanted to see proof that it was working myself first (let’s face it, I had tried and failed at so many diets before). However the weight started to fall off me and now 14 months later I am 6 stone lighter and well on my way to my twin goals of being able to wear a size 12 and to be able to cross my legs when I sit down.

Chrissie pre-op

How my life has changed! I have now become a shopaholic, delighting in a browse through Primark, Matalan or New Look for bargains – I figure I have a lot of catching up to do but my poor husband Dennis does not see it quite the same way I do!!

My weight loss has now slowed right down so I have increased my exercise – my GP has referred me to Proactive, the fitness referral scheme and I wear a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps each day. I have also started swimming again and joined Aquafit classes.

My life has gone through a huge change, and I am all the better for it. Every day I wake up looking forward to the day. I am participating in life, rather than just being a passenger. I have gone back to college to do a counselling diploma, I have stopped needing many of the pills I had pre-surgery and feel much more optimistic about my future. For me that future vision is being surrounded by a host of grandchildren who can sit on my lap, because I now have one (that is, of course, if I uncross my legs which I delight in doing!!)

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