Fay's story

I attended my first BOSPA meeting last Sunday, although I had my surgery last  January.  I normally attend another support group meeting closer to where I live but unfortunately, due to illness, I could not attend the September meeting and so needing my "fix".  I came and joined BOSPA.

It was good to hear of so many success stories at the meeting.  I did feel very envious as mine isn’t a success although I have lost approx 3 stone since my operation in January  (a total of 8 ½ stones since I started on my weight loss journey).  Prior to my operation I tried very hard to lose weight and succeeded in losing 5 ½ stones but could not get any further and was still morbidly obese.  The NHS would not pay for my surgery so I paid to have it done privately – I had a gastric band inserted on 17th January 2006. 

My port site wound failed to heal and then I contracted MRSA.  Despite antibiotics it did not clear and was admitted to hospital feeling very ill. My port came out and was hanging between my boobs! – it was removed in February.  Over he coming months the MRSA finally cleared up with repeated doses of antibiotics and I had new port put in on the 23rd May.  I did not have to pay additional costs for the surgery, just the cost of the port.  However, soon after the new port was fitted my wound infection returned and MRSA was
diagnosed again - it still hasn’t been cleared up today despite more antibiotics and all manner of treatments I have tried.  I currently have an open port wound which is extremely yucky and I still feel very unwell and depressed about the whole situation.

My weight is slowly going down but I feel not because of the band mainly but because I feel unwell.  I have been told that my band will have to be removed.  I do not want this to happen for two reasons; firstly, I am so desperate to lose more weight and secondly I have spent so much money already, I cannot afford for it to be wasted.  However, my surgery team is currently trying to see if the NHS will agree to fund further surgery (my surgeon recommends my band is removed and I have a gastric bypass).  I hope the NHS will agree because I feel that I have been responsible in trying to do something about my obesity myself, and have had these infection problems through no fault of my own. Watch this space as I will keep you updated on my progress…

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