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05 May 2010
I contacted Bospa just prior to my Gastric By-Pass operation, I was e-mailed by Keith within 24 Hrs, Telephoned by Kathy, had an informed conversation with her, she not only called the hospital the day after my operation, she visited me at hospital and at home, Bospa has answered all my questions and its great to talk with someone who has as they say"been there" Thank you Derek B

13 Apr 2010
After a year of pondering whether or not to go ahead with my gastric band op, ( which I'm booked in to have on the 27th April 2010, this site has been invaluable. To all the lovey people that have had the courage to put their before and after photographs up for all the 'doubters'?!! I thank you . It's great to read so many successful stories, and honest accounts of the difference this has made to your lives, and it's also a good thing to know of some of the problems too, lay-mens terms. Good luck to all of you that have had your surgery already, and on your way to looking pretty damn 'foxy'!!... and to all of us 'Kelly Brooks' in the making?!! ...Well we can dream eh?! Many thanks. Ruby. Somerset.

02 Nov 2006
This site has provided me with so much straight forward information. I'm now a member, hoping to start a support group in my area.

28 Oct 2006
Your site is so informative - I am 67yrs old - have a consultation booked with a surgeon - (lap band) - its never too late - Thank Roy for his diary - I read it every day - and it is the main reason I am goingahead with surgery.

23 Sep 2006
I dont know if im allowed to do this but I go on an excelent site that mentions this one alot so I hope you dont mind the link

18 Sep 2006
Have waited a year plus for gastric bypass. Have lost 4 stone on my own . have just had my pre assessment and given go ahead if I lose 20lbs. my health centre has been great . I have bugged consultants secretary . non stop . any info greatly received . after surgery. having open surgery . thanks folks female 41 years

11 Sep 2006
My surgery is planned for the 9th Oct. I have found BOSPA a great support. Others who really know the struggle and pain and the success stories are a real inspiration.

08 Aug 2006
I am now a member and have been to two meetings. I am seeing my consultant on the 8/8/06,hopefully I am accepted for gastric band surgery,meetings and website are excellent for information and support

07 Aug 2006
This site is great for anyone considering the surgery, I had mine done 4 weeks ago, and I've lost 16lbs so far, but I only have 4 stone to lose, (had surgery in Belguim). Anyway, here's hoping the next 12 months, I'll lose the rest of my weight. Thanks for this site, a great place to visit when you're feeling a bit lost and alone.

23 Jul 2006
i have just recieved a date for my operation it's on the 3 October 2006, i'm having the sleeve op first ,after 6 months the other one. I have found this web site excellent for information, i am asingle mum of 2 ,age 36 ,190kg, i cant wait forit to happen.

04 Jul 2006
Funnily enough this is the last site that I have found in 6 months of researching Gastric Band surgery, and I am very impressed with the information.

27 Jun 2006
Recently had surgery(3 days ago)provided lots of information pre surgery and very re-assured.Received wallet with membership number and chart to put in your weightlosses/appointment times etc in.Fabulous site!

01 Jun 2006
This was the most helpful site I found when thinking about surgery. Thank you. I had a Lap band done one week ago, very successfully. I started thinking about having surgery about 6 weeks ago (I always move fast!). Your site gave the information to make a sound judgement. I used your suggestions to decide type of surgery and with whom.

16 May 2006
Thank you so much, The infomation on this site was excellent.It was so good to read other peoples coments. Especially the people who have gone through the operations

16 May 2006
Thank you so much, The infomation on this site was excellent.It was so good to read other peoples comments. Especially the people who have gone through the operations

11 May 2006
i had my surgery last may i have lost 17 stone yes 17 stone i have still got more to go because i was nearlu 38 stone i have now got a life with my children 10 and 12.I wish i had got the courage to do it before i have got a life now not just an exsitance. I would recomend it to anyone its not any easy road but it gives you your life back.

11 Mar 2006
In 1999 I went to my doctor with the info about the gastric lap band, I had researched it and phoned up the british medical ass. He then refered me to a hospital in London and I was accepted for the proceedure. I wasnt given any info about what to do and came home feeling bruised and battered, I was very ill as the surgeon had cut through a blood vessel and I needed a blood transfusion. After I was better I had to travel the 60 miles to London for a fill which was very difficult because I had to drag my young children with me, it all became too much and decided to stop going.That was over six years ago, today I went to a hospital thats is just 6 miles away and had my first fill, I feel I am better armed to face the future and have been given encouragement reading your stories, wish me luck with my weight loss and I will keep you informed, my name is Janine and I weigh 15' 8" and I am 42 ( Im so glad we have sites like this one)

18 Jan 2006
everything i wanted to know was answered,thank you,i know im going to go ahead with it now

03 Jan 2006
Found a few sites and links to some of those are here, but this was the one my surgeon said I should look at and no other!!!!!! Think that is a pretty good advert for the site